CogNovo News

Kathryn B. Francis is now a lecturer in Bradford

Kathryn starts new position

May 2019

Kathryn B. Francis is now a Lecturer in Psychology in the Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences at the University of Bradford, UK

Guy Edmonds publishes chapter in the book 'Film in the Present Tense'

Guy publishes chapter

April 2019

Guy Edmonds proposed historically aware film viewings in a panel at the 'Universität der Künste Berlin'. His contribution is now published in a book.

Ilaria Torre presents at HRI2019

Ilaria publishes at HRI2019

April 2019

Ilaria Torre published a paper entitled “Can you tell the robot by the voice?…” at the prestigious Human-Robot Interaction conference in Daegu (South Korea).

Raluca Briazu presents her work at iCog5

Raluca presents at ICog5

March 2019

Raluce Briazu presented her research on the role of counterfactual thinking in deception at a conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Higher Cognitive Function

Klara Łucznik, Susan L. Denham, Diego S. Maranan, and Tara Zaksaite connecting to research networks at the University of the Philippines Open University

Funding for ColLaboratoire'20

February 2019

A group of CogNovo fellows secured a Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) to run a Multiple Disciplinary Research Leadership Summer School in the Philippines.

Vaibhav Tyagi publishes in the Creativity Research Journal

Vaibhav publishes in CRJ

November 2018

Vaibhav Tyagi and his co-authors published “The right side of creativity: Creative personality predicts political party affiliation”

David Bridges

David at the SfN2018

November 2018

David Bridges presents PsychoPy at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego

The sensitive, open creator

Publication by David Bridges

October 2018

“The sensitive, open creator” is a correlation study on temperament, personality, and creative potential and achievement

Klara at the Paripatetic conference

Klara presents at conference

October 2018

Klara Łucznik participated at the interdisciplinary 7th Peripatetic Conference

GCRF Rapid Response fund awarded

GCRF Travel funds awarded

October 2018

Klara Łucznik, Tara Zaksaite, and Diego S. Maranan receive funding to travel to the Philippines

Sensitive individuals are more creative

David publishes review

October 2018

David Bridges publishes review “Sensitive individuals are more creative” in ‘Personality and Individual Differences’

Project C-T.I.M.

Project C-T.I.M.

October 2018

Results from two workshops on clinical trials during interplanetary missions were presented at the International Astronautical Conference

Ilaria Torre is co-organising an interdisciplinary workshop on Measuring and Designing Trust in Human-Agent Interaction

Ilaria organises workshop at HRI conference

October 2018

Ilaria Torre is co-organising an interdisciplinary workshop on Measuring and Designing Trust in Human-Agent Interaction

Paving the Way to Eureka — Introducing ‘Dira’ as an Experimental Paradigm to Observe the Process of Creative Problem Solving

Frank publishes Dira

October 2018

Frank Loesche publishes ‘Dira’, a novel experimental design to research ‘Eureka moments’, in Frontiers in Psychology.

Dr Klara Łucznik

Klara Łucznik: Graduation

September 2018

Dr Klara Łucznik graduated from the University of Plymouth with her interdisciplinary work on flow and dance.


“RE/ME” in San Francisco

September 2018

Diego S. Maranan, Agi Haines, Sean Clarke, and Frank Loesche build and test unique immersive experience “RE/ME”

Frank at the APA Convention

September 2018

Frank Loesche participated in the annual convention of the American Psychological Association

Frank Loesche presents at SOU Creativity 2018

Frank presents at SOU Creativity

August 2018

Frank Loesche talks about novel experimental paradigm Dira and multi-layered model of creativity

Diego S. Maranan, Agi Haines, Sean Clarke, and Frank Loesche give guest lecture at the University of California, Berkeley (© Paul Li)

Guest lecture at Berkeley

July 2018

Diego S. Maranan, Agi Haines, Sean Clarke, and Frank Loesche give guest lecture at the University of California

Publication title: Fundamental Visual Features for Aesthetic Classification of Photographs Across Datasets

New publication by Francois Lemarchand

June 2018

Francois Lemarchand publishes a novel approach to computational aesthetics in Pattern Recognition Letters

UK Creativity 2018: Creative Sides

Four CogNovians present at UK Creativity 2018

May 2018

Thomas R. Colin, Frank Loesche, Pinar Oztop, and Klara Łucznik present their work at the conference in Canterbury

Mihaela Taranu and colleagues publish in Nature's Scientific Reports

Publication on bistability from Mihaela's project

May 2018

“Similar but separate systems underlie perceptual bistability in vision and audition” published at Nature's Scientific Reports

CogNovo publication in TOP 100 of Nature's Scientific Reports

Publication in Nature's TOP 100

April 2018

“Simulating moral actions” is one of the top 100 read papers at Nature's Scientific Reports.

Guy Edmond's projector

Guy at the New Projectionists

March 2018

Guy Edmonds presented a comparison between a hand-cranked film and a digital version at "The New Projectionists".

CfP: Off the Lip 2018

CfP: OTLip 18

February 2018

This years Off the Lip is planned for 19/06/2018 in Plymouth, followed by two days of a interdisciplinary grant writing workshop.

Diego S. Maranan

Diego engages in Research Conversations

February 2018

Diego reflects on his experience at CogNovo in a series of four talks.

Eugenia Stambliev

Eugenia presented at “On the Move”

November 2017

Eugenia presented “Visualising the Ordinary: On Pierre Schoeller’s ‘The Lost Time’” at the Migration Lab conference


Kathryn, Raluca, and Agi publish on 'scenario building'

November 2017

Kathryn B. Francis, Raluca Briazu, and Agi Haines explain their working process.


Kathryn publishes in British Journal of Psychology

November 2017

Kathryn B. Francis publishes "Virtual morality in the helping professions…" in the BJoP

AVANT special issue

Special Issue on Cognitive Innovation published

November 2017

AVANT 8 (Special Issue): "Off the Lip: Collaborative Approaches to Cognitive Innovation"

Francois Lemarchand

Francois shortlisted for Qualcomm AI Contest

October 2017

Francois Lemarchand receives a hardware developer kit to further pursue aesthetic classification for the next generation mobile phones


Kathryn, Raluca, and Agi publish in Scientific Reports

October 2017

Kathryn B. Francis, Raluca Briazu, and Agi Haines publish article on simulating moral actions.

Frank Loesche's Eureka poster at the creativity week in Nijmegen

Frank presents at Radboud University

October 2017

Frank Loesche is going to present a poster at the Creativity and Innovation Week Conference in Nijmegen.

Guy Edmonds presents his work in a cinema

Guy presents two lectures

October 2017

Guy Edmonds presents two lectures, first at an international symposium at the UDK Berlin, then a seminar on amateur films in Spain.

Dr Kathryn Barbara Francis

Kathryn B. Francis: graduation and new position

October 2017

Dr Kathryn B. Francis started her post doc on an interdisciplinary project at the University of Reading.

Klara Łucznik presents at AVANT conference

Klara presents at "Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies"

October 2017

Klara Łucznik presents at the 3rd Avant Conference 2017.

Dr Ilaria Torre

Ilaria Torre: graduation and new position

October 2017

Dr Ilaria Torre started post doc at Trinity College Dublin.

Klara Łucznik at IADMS2017

Klara presents at IADMS2017

October 2017

Klara Łucznik presents her work at IADMS2017 in Houston.

Dr Tara Zaksaite

Tara Zaksaite started new position

October 2017

Dr Tara Zaksaite started her new position at the Open University.

Re/Connect Re/Imagine

RE/ME won residency at DART 17

September 2017

RE/ME, a project with Diego, Agi, and Jack won a residency in San Franciso.

RE/ME project pitched at BOZAR

CogNovians shortlisted for DART 17

September 2017

Two teams with Diego, Agi, Jack, and Michael shortlisted for the STARTS event in Brussels.

Ilaria Torre at ExLING2017

Ilaria presents at ExLing2017

July 2017

Ilaria Torre presented her work at the 8th Tutorial and Research Workshop on Experimental Linguistics (ExLing), in Hersonissos (Crete)

Agi Haines presenting Transfiguration

Agi exhibits at HUMAN+ in Singapore

July 2017

Agi Haines is currently in exhibition in a new addition of Human+ The Future Of Our Species at ArtScience Museum Singapore.

Mihaela Taranu with other participants of the CCLM Summer School

Mihaela at CCLM Summer School

June 2017

Mihaela Taranu participated at Center for Cognition, Learning and Memory (CCLM) Summer School on Cognitive Control and Consciousness.


Christos publishes in COGN PROCESS

June 2017

Christos Melidis publishes "Intuitive control of mobile robots: an architecture for autonomous adaptive dynamic behaviour integration" in "Cognitive Processing".

Jack, Francois, and Sean at Hack the Brain 2017

Jack at Hack the Brain

June 2017

Jack McKay Fletcher, part of last years winning team, returns to "Hack the Brain"; this time collaborating with composer Sean Clarke.

CogNovians present at University of Plymouth

CogNovians at PUSoP2017

June 2017

Ilaria Torre, Mihaela Taranu, and Klara Łucznik at Plymouth SoP Conference – Ilaria winning "Best Poster Award".

UK Creativity 2017

CogNovians at UK Creativity

May 2017

Klara Łucznik, Ilaria Torre, and Frank Loesche at UKCreativity2017 – Frank winning "Best Poster Award".

Mihaela Taranu presenting her poster

Mihaela at SRCD17

April 2017

Mihaela Taranu presented at the 2017 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development.

Future is Imperfect

The Future is Imperfect

April 2017

Eugenia Stamboliev, Guy Edmonds, and Michael Straeubig present at the Future Imperfect Symposium.

Eugenia Stamboliev

Eugenia gives PEP seminar

March 2017

Eugenia Stamboliev talks about "Performing intimacy" in the context of Artificial Emotions.

Aig Haines speaks at the first Primer conference

Agi Haines at PRIMER

March 2017

Agi Haines spoke at the first Primer conference.

Participants of the Biennale 2016

3 CogNovians at Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016

February 2017

Agi Haines, Jacqui Knight, and Eugenia Stamboliev presented papers at the symposium Creative Encounters with Science and Technology.


Vaibhav publishes paper

February 2017

Vaibhav Tyagi publishes "The Risky Side of Creativity", also in Frontiers in Psychology.


Ivana publishes paper

Febrary 2017

Previous CogNovo research fellow Ivana Kajic and her her supervisor Thomas Wennekers publish in Frontiers in Psychology.


Jack publishes paper

January 2017

Jack McKay Fletcher publishes "From Structure to Activity: Using Centrality Measures to Predict Neuronal Activity" in the International Journal of Neural Systems.


Raluca publishes paper

January 2017

Raluca Briazu publishes 'Undoing the past in order to lie in the present: counterfactual thinking and deceptive communication' in Cognition.


Ilaria and Frank publish paper

January 2017

Ilaria Torre and Frank Loesche have published the article "Overcoming Impasses in Conversations: A Creative Business" in "Creativity. Theories-Research-Applications".

Guy Edmonds organises even at EYE Film museum Amsterdam

From Matter to Mind

December 2016

Guy Edmonds organised this event at Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam to talk about expanding the reach of film preservation to include the cinema experience.

Klara Łucznik

'A Space to Wonder' on tour

December 2016

Klara Łucznik facilitate the workshop ‘A Space to Wonder’ as a part of Dance Fields Un-Symposium.


Michael published in SoundEffects

December 2016

Michael Sonne Kristensen published in the journal SoundEffects.


Chun-Wei and David publish in NeuroImage

December 2016

An article by Giorgio Ganis, David Bridges, Chun-Wei Hsu, and Haline E. Schendan has been published in the most recent NeuroImage.

Agi Haines on stage at KIKK 2016

Agi Haines talked at Kikk 2016

November 2016

Agi Haines recently presented at Kikk festival in Namur Belium.

Eugenia Stamboliev presenting in Prague

Eugenia speaks at Media Point Prague

November 2016

Eugenia Stamboliev recently spoke at the ECREA 2016 pre-conference on "Media and Migration".

Michael Straeubig presents at Human Factor 2016

Michael presents at Human Factors 2016

November 2016

Michael Sonne Kristensen presented an ethnographic study from the European Space Agency at the Europe Chapter of The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Michael delivered two presentations at PoCG16

November 2016

Michael Straeubig delivers "Do Playful Systems Know That They Play?" and "Concept and Design of Playful Systems" at PoCG16.

Klara presenting her poster

Klara presents at IADMS 2016

October 2016

Klara Łucznik is giving a talk and presenting a poster at this years IADMS in Hong Kong


Kathryn publishes in PLOS ONE

October 2016

Kathryn B. Francis publishes "Virtual morality: Transitioning from moral judgment to moral action?" in the journal PLOS ONE.

Christos Melidis

Christos Melidis presents at SMC2016

October 2016

Christos Melidis presents "KURE: Kinematic Universal Remote intErface, A Human Centred Remote Robot Control Paradigm" in Budapest.


Thomas publishes in "Robotics and Autonomous Systems"

September 2016

Thomas R. Colin publishes the article "Hierarchical reinforcement learning as Creative Problem Solving".

Eugenia Stamboliev presents

Eugenia at TaPRA 2016

September 2016

Eugenia presented her paper "In the Awe of Things" at TaPRA 2016 in Bristol.

Chun-Wei Hsu

Chun-Wei in Padua

September 2016

CogNovo research fellow Chun-Wei wrote about her secondment at the fMRI lab at the University in Padua.

Diego S. Maranan presents his work in London

Diego talked at Interesting2016

September 2016

CogNovo research fellow Diego S. Maranan explained "Why I'm Making Vibrating Underwear" at Interesting2016 in London.

Agi Haines presents dissecting medical futures

Agi is giving an "Anatomy Lesson"

September 2016

CogNovo research fellow Agi Haines invites to "The anatomy lesson: dissecting medical futures" on 24 and 25 Sep in Amsterdam

Pinar Oztop at DGP

Pinar is presenting at DGP conference

September 2016

CogNovo research fellow Pinar Oztop is presenting her work at the 50th conference of the DGP (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie) in Leipzig

Vaibhav and Pinar present their work at MIC

Vaibhav and Pinar at MIC2016

September 2016

CogNovo research fellows Vaibhav Tyagi and Pinar Oztop are presenting their work at the 2nd MIC conference

Agi Haines

Agi at "Dream Out Loud"

September 2016

CogNovo research fellow Agi Haines presents ‘Circumventive Organs’ at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Christos Melidis

Christos at IEEE RO-MAN 2016

September 2016

CogNovo research fellow Christos Melidis presented ‘KURE’ at this years BAILAR2016 in New York.

Participants at the ColLaboratoire 2016 summer school

ColLaboratoire - CogNovo summer school 2016

August 2016

Some CogNovo research fellows organised and ran the extremely sucessful summer school "ColLaboratoire".

Michael at DiGRA/FDG and EMF

August 2016

CogNovo fellow Michael Straeubig delivered a talk at DiGRA and a workshop at the Electromagnetic Field.

Raluca and Kathryn at ICT 2016

Raluca and Kathryn at ICT2016

August 2016

Raluca Briazu and Kathryn B. Francis are presenting at the International Conference on Thinking at Brown University.

Ivana Kajic

Ivana starting at CNRG

August 2016

Ivana Kajić is starting a new position at the Computational Neuroscience Research Group in Waterloo.

Eugenia Stamboliev at Münsterberg conference in Leipzig

Eugenia at Muensterberg2016

July 2016

Eugenia Stamboliev presented her paper on "Münsterberg, Flusser and the Screen Bodies" at a conference about Münsterberg in Leipzig, Germany.

Kathryn B. Francis receives award for outstanding research contribution

Kathryn receives award

July 2016

Kathryn B. Francis received first prize for outstanding research contribution to the First SEJyD Meeting.

Kathryn B. Francis presents at Insight TV

Katie on Insight TV

July 2016

Kathryn B. Francis will appear in a TV programme about creativity on 24th July 2016 on Insight TV channel 279.

Michael Straeubig presents at Transimage

Michael talked at Transimage

July 2016

Michael Straeubig presented his paper "How to Perceive the Virtual Image? On the Distinction Between 'Virtual' and 'Real'" at the Transdisciplinary Imaging conference.

Hack the Brain: Agi Haines, Diego S. Maranan, Jack McKay Fletcher, and Sean Clarke win hackathon

CogNovians win awards at Hack the Brain 2016

July 2016

Two teams composed partly by CogNovians have won awards at Hack the Brain 2016 hackathon.

Kathryn B. Francis presents at SEJyD

Kathryn at SEJyD

July 2016

Kathryn B. Francis presents "Moral Muscles in Virtual Landscapes" at SEJyD in Palma (Spain).

Pinar Oztop at CPSI

Pinar at CPSI

July 2016

Pinar Oztop, participated at the Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference (CPSI), in University at Buffalo, New York.

Ilaria Torre demonstrates her HRI experiments at the University of Plymouth Robotics day

Ilaria at Robotics Day

July 2016

Ilaria Torre demonstrated her experiments about implicit measure of trust at the Robotics Day, a public engagement event at Plymouth University.

CogNovo at Cognition Institute Conference at the University of Plymouth

CogNovo at CI Conference

July 2016

A few CogNovo research fellows will present talks or posters during the Cognition Institute Conference at Plymouth University from 7/7/16 to 8/7/16.

Ekosi Eksi screening

Ekosi Eksi screens at Mergecology

July 2016

Ekosi Eksi, a film created by Christos, Diego, Jacqui, and Klara as part of the CogNovo Scientific Methodologies workshop, is screening at Mergecology.

Joana Galvao presents her work at the BACB

Joana at BABCP16

June 2016

Joana Galvão presented her work developing a video counsellor at the annual meeting of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies in Belfast 14-17th June.

Raluca Briazu presenting at the EASP

Raluca at EASP

June 2016

Raluca Briazu presented her talk "The role of counterfactual thinking in deceptive communication" at the EASP small group meeting in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Mihaela Taranu at Annual meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness

Mihaela at ASSC20

June 2016

Mihaela Taranu talks about "Searching for the role of parietal cortex in visual and auditory multi-stability" at ASSC20 in Buenos Aires on 15 Jun 2016.

Kathryn B. Francis presenting in at the Sensory Motor Conference

Kathryn in Newcastle

June 2016

Kathryn B. Francis is presenting "Sensorimotor Personal Force in Moral Decision-Making" at the UK Sensory Motor Conference.

Ilaria Torre presenting poster at Speech Prosody

Ilaria at #speechprosody

June 2016

Ilaria Torre presented "Behavioural mediation of prosodic cues to implicit judgements of trustworthiness" at the Speech Prosody Conference in Boston.

ISEA 2016

Michael at ISEA2016

May 2016

Michael Straeubig gave his talk "Towards Play Design for Machines" at ISEA2016 in Hong Kong.

David Bridges presenting his poster at Psychonomic Society Meeting

David at PS2016

May 2016

David Bridges presented his work at PS 2016 in Granada.

Raluca Briazu, Kathryn B. Francis, Frank Loesche

Prizes awarded

May 2016

Prizes were awarded during the final CogNovo workshop (Best Poster: Raluca Briazu; Best Collaborator: Frank Loesche; Best Poster (runner-up): Kathryn B. Francis).

Ilaria Torre

Ilaria wins two awards

May 2016

Ilaria Torre has received two awards, by ISCA and Santander.

Chun-Wei Hsu

Chun-Wei at CNS

April 2016

Chun-Wei presented a poster at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society's 23rd annual meeting in New York.

Thomas R. Colin

Thomas at UAlberta (CA)

April 2016

Thomas R. Colin has presented an overview of some of his work at the Artificial Intelligence seminar at the University of Alberta (Canada).

Klara Lucznik

Klara at AISB2016

April 2016

Klara Łucznik presents her work at the annual conference AISB2016 at the University of Sheffield, UK.

Raluca Briazu

Raluca received award

April 2016

Raluca Briazu has been awarded a bursary by the Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group (PsyPag).

Diego S. Maranan

Diego is ACM reviewer

March 2016

Diego S. Maranan has been invited to be a reviewer for the Technical Program Committee for ACM Multimedia 2016

Off the Lip Proceedings 2015 (Cover)

OTLip15 proceedings are out

March 2016

The proceedings of last years workshop and conference "Off the Lip 2015" was published recently – with contributions from 11 CogNovians

Mihaela Taranu

Mihaela talks in Budapest

March 2016

Mihaela Taranu presents some results from her TMS study on visual and auditory multistability at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Kathryn B. Francis

Kathryn at Trinity College

March 2016

Kathryn B. Francis shows her work on simulated moral actions at the Reasoning and Imagination Lab in Dublin


Klara at Trinity Laban

March 2016

Klara Łucznik presents her work "Between Minds and Bodies" as part of the Trinity Laban Research Degree Programme.

CogNovo Fellow at MCAA

Pinar at MCAA GA

March 2016

Pinar Oztop attended the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) General Assembly & Annual Conference.

Frank Loesche and Vaibhav Tyagi at the University of Georgia, Athens

Vaibhav and Frank at UGA

March 2016

Vaibhav Tyagi and Frank Loesche have finished the first phase of their collaborative project.

Agi Haines' project Drones with Desire

Agi and Sue at Worlding the Brain

March 2016

Research fellow Agi Haines and supervisor Sue Denham will be presenting at this years Worlding the Brain symposium in Amsterdam between 17/Mar and 19/Mar.

Undivided Mind cover of Technoetic Arts

Publications in Technoetic Arts

March 2016

Jack McKay Fletcher, Klara Łucznik, Diego S. Maranan, and Michael Straeubig have published papers in the special issue of Technoetic Arts about the Undivided Mind.

Christos Melidis

Christos published at IEEE SMC

February 2016

Christos Melidis' and Davide Marocco's article has just been published at the conference proceeding of SMC 2015.

Klara Lucznik

Klara talks about practice

February 2016

Klara Łucznik will talk about insights about creativity from dance improvisations at the Postgraduate Practice Research Symposium

Creative disturbances podcast

Guy on Creative Disturbances

December 2015

Guy Edmonds was invited by Roger Malina to talk about "The Divorce of Eye and Ear [as] an Accident of the History of Technology"

JUL 1971-

All about Flusser!

November 2015

Eugenia Stamboliev contributed to "Flusseriana - An intellectual toolbox"

JUL 1971-

Guy Edmonds' "JUL 1971-"

November 2015

Guy Edmonds' film depicting one of the last flights of the Concorde will be screened at the Cornwall Film Festival

Dutch Design Week 2015

Agi Haines at DDW15

October 2015

Agi Haines was involved in exhibitions and talk shows at the Dutch Design Week 2015

Knots by Jacqueline Knight

Jacqueline Knight's 'Knots'

October 2015

Jacqueline Knight's short film 'Knots', inspired by R.D. Laing's book, will be screened at the Cornwall Film Festival

creative response to Gerhard Richter exhibit

Michael and Diego in Gerhard Richter playlist

October 2015

Michael Straeubig's and Diego S. Maranan's auditory response to Gerhard Richter exhibition in Plymouth


Christos Melidis presented at SMC2015

October 2015

Christos Melidis presented his work at IEEE SMC2015 in Hong Kong on 12/10/2015

Creative Disturbances podcast

CogNovians at Creative Disturbances

October 2015

Four CogNovians, Christopher Germann, Agi Haines, Diego S. Maranan, and Jack McKay Fletcher have published individual podcasts with Roger Malina at Creative Disturbances.

ICPhS and eNTERFACE 2015

Ilaria Torre at ICPhS and eNTERFACE

September 2015

Ilaria spent her summer at the ICPhS2015 conference and participated in eNTERFACE2015.

CNP Symposium 2015

Chun-Wei Hsu at CNP Symposium 2015

September 2015

Chun-Wei Hsu presented her latest work at the CNP Symposium 2015 in Lisboa.

ESCoP 2015 Logo

Kathryn, Raluca, and Mihaela at ESCoP2015

September 2015

Cognovo and Marie Skłodowska-Curie research fellows Kathryn Francis, Raluca Briazu and Mihaela Taranu presented posters at the ESCoP conference in Paphos, Cyrpus.

David Kavanagh

Nao about to change behaviour

September 2015

Professor David Kavanagh has secured funding for a NAO robot to extend the work of the CogNovo project "Creative technologies for behaviour change".

Decepticon 2015 Logo

Raluca and Chun-Wei at Decepticon 2015

August 2015

Raluca Briazu and Chun-Wei Hsu presented at Decepticon 2015: International Conference on Deceptive Behavior in Cambridge on 24-26 August 2015.

ISEA2015 Logo

Multiple Papers at ISEA2015

August 2015

Francois Lemarchand and Diego S. Maranan present their research at ISEA2015. In addition Diego S. Maranan, Frank Loesche and Susan L Denham introduce CogNovo.

Agi Haines


May 2015

"Drones with Desires", a project Agi Haines has worked on, was selected as a winner in the Bio Art + Design Award 2015.

Ilaria Torre

The proceedings of EPIP4 are out

May 2015

Research on trust attributions by Ilaria Torre, Jeremy Goslin, and Laurence White are featured in the EPIP4 proceedings.

Kling Klang Klong

Kling Klang Klong

October 2014

Michael Straeubig's playful locative audio experience "Kling Klang Klong" has been play-tested and showcased at the Playpublik camp and festival!

Agi Haines work

Agi Haines dares the I'm possible at TEDx Maastricht

October 2014

Agi Haines spoke at October’s TEDxMaastricht 2014, about her work on designing the human body.

The Lost Index

The LOst Index

October 2014

CogNovo Investigators Emma Whittaker and James Brocklehurst have developed an iPhone app to help Plymouth museum recover an important lost index… but they need your help to do it!

Accidental Awareness in General Anaesthesia

Accidental Awareness During Anaesthesia

September 2014

CogNovo supervisor Jackie Andrade has been on the steering panel for the National Audit Project on Accidental Awareness in General Anaesthesia (AAGA), which presented it's finding's this month

Mona Nasser

Mona Nasser awarded prestigious communication proze

September 2014

CogNovo partner Mona Nasser's blogging and twittering about her research (and love of flying!) has been recognised by British Dental Editors Forum

Gardening Guerila

Michael Straeubig is gardening

July 2014

Frank Loesche presents Michael Straeubig's Gardening Guerilla game at the Playful Arts Festival.

Ivana Kajic

Ivana Kajic wins prestigious Google prize

July 2014

Ivana Kajic has won The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship and describes her recent visit to Google

Vaibhav Tyagi

new paper by Vaibhav Tyagi

June 2014

Vaibhav Tyagi has published research on cognitive load in binumeracy

Agi Haines' Transfiguration

Prix Ars Electronica 2014

June 2014

Agi Haines has been selected for an honorary mention by Prix Ars Electronica

Agi Haines

Rewiring the body

June 2014

Agi Haines, CogNovo Research Fellow, will be talking at a special event – Rewiring the Body – as part of the Open City Docs Fest.

Kin Design with smart-phone dress

Smart Phone Dress

February 2014

CogNovo partners, Kin, have designed a smart-phone dress which debuted at London’s Fashion week.

Sue Denham at the EU

CogNovo at the EU

November 2013

Professor Sue Denham, principal investigator for CogNovo, was invited to attend a special meeting at the EU for co-ordinators of Marie-Curie Doctoral training networks.

Plymouth University Cognition Institute Logo

CogNovo award announced!

July 2013

The University’s Cognition Institute is taking the lead in a 4 million Euro project to explore how creative thinking underpins cognitive processes.


14 Marie-Curie funded PhD studentships now available

July 2013

Applications for 14 prestigious Marie Curie funded Research Fellowships are now being accepted.

Roland Levinsky Building of Plymouth University

12 CogNovo PhD studentships to be funded by Plymouth University

July 2013

Demonstrating a strong commitment to CogNovo, Plymouth University has announced it will sponsor a further 12 PhD studentships.