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Jack McKay Fletcher Klara Łucznik

Posted on 9 March 2015

Four in One

Four fellows and two internal investigators from CogNovo have published papers in the the latest issue of Technoetic Arts. The issue, which was edited by internal investigator Jane Grant, features papers presented at the Undivided Mind conference at Plymouth University.

In his paper, Jack McKay Fletcher argues that the computational mind cannot recognize itself. Klara Łucznik shares insights about creativity from dance improvisation. Diego S. Maranan suggests speculative applications of somatics, while Michael Straeubig makes distinctions between distinction and division. John Matthias recounts an adventure in collaborative creativity.

Technoetic Arts focuses upon the juncture between art, technology and the mind. The journal is published by Intellect.

Diego S. Maranan Michael Straeubig