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Posted on 24 October 2018

Klara hikes at Paripatetic Conference

CogNovo fellow Klara Łucznik participated at the 7th Peripatetic Conference at Tatra Mountains in Poland. This interdisciplinary conference on Cognive System Modeling gather together psychologists, cognitive scientists, computer scientists, linguists, physicists, biologists, mathematicians, anthropologists, sociologists… “No matter what is your discipline, what counts is your interest in cognitive systems, your openness to talk to others and your love for the mountains.” This year's topic ‘Around Information – Information Around’ provoked multiple discussions, starting with how to define information, following the mechanism of acquisition and sharing the information. The discussion would fill the sessions, meals and hikes as the peripatetic way of doing science includes everyday adventures.

Klara presented her PhD study, ‘Sync To The Others Not To The Movement’ where she examines the mechanisms of collaboration in dance improvisation looking into the phenomenon of physiological entrainment. Her research shown, that dancers' in group improvisation synchronise their heart and breathing rate patterns through ‘empathic projection’, the ability to share the internal states of others.