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'Transfiguration' by Agi Haines Opening of the exhibition in Singapore View from the exhibition onto Singapore

Posted on 3 July 2017

Agi Haines exhibits at Human+ in Singapore

Agi Haines is currently in exhibition in a new addition of Human+ The Future Of Our Species at ArtScience Museum Singapore. The exhibition is a collaboration between the gallery in Singapore, Science Gallery Dublin and CCCB Barcelona. It will be on until 15th October and contains work by artists all 'exploring the possible future paths of our species.' The exhibition includes work by the real life surgical Venus ORLAN, interactive work by Louis-Philippe Demers, a robot lookalike Nadine by Nadia Thalman’s robotics laboratory, the semi-living dolls of Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr and the extended body of Neil Harbisson.

In a talk and discussion 'Conversations: Future Sapiens' at the opening Agi introduced some of her PhD research and projects in the amazing lotus shaped building by Marina Bay Sands. And excitingly a photograph of her work appeared on the Guardian's images of the day. The ArtScience Museum holds fantastic exhibits that are both challenging and insightful particularly regarding history of science but this exhibit was definitely focused on the future.