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Understanding problem solving as a multi-layered process Frank Loesche

Posted on 22 October 2017

Frank presents poster at Creativity Week

CogNovo fellow Frank Loesche will present his poster "Understanding problem solving as a multi-layered process" at the Creativity and Innovation Week Conference at the Radboud University (Nijmegen, NL), taking place this week on 23 and 24 October. The multi-layered model Frank is going to discuss is a result from his work on the PhD project "Unconscious Creativity: The Eureka moment", particularly from the interviews he conducted with architects to learn how problems are solved creatively in real-life applications. The poster addresses a gap between Design Thinking and sequential models of problem solving from the psychological literature, by suggesting a novel way to understand the interaction between the several problems people face at the same time in their everyday life. Frank is looking forward to discussing the implications of teaching a different model to practitioners who are using creative problem solving in their daily work practice.

The Creativity Week Conference is organised by Simone Ritter to reflect on the current research on creativity and innovation, measurements currently used, and potential future directions. The conference also aims to contribute to the development of an international network of creativity and innovation researchers. During the two-day programme, Mark A. Runco, Berhard Hommel, David Cropley, and Roni Reiter-Palmon will be delivering keynotes. In addition, Matthijs Baas, Simone Ritter, Eric Rietzschel, Marieke Roskes, Rebecca Marrone, and Gosla Goclowska will be giving talks. The first day will finish with a panel discussion on the measurements and societal impact of creativity, a topic close to Frank's poster presentation. The panel discussion on the second day will be about creativity research networks. Interestingly, some of the participants and speakers at this conference are part of the extended CogNovo network and either gave seminar talks or contributed as supervisors or collaborators in several CogNovo PhD project.