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Michael Straeubig Gardening Guerilla

Posted on 23 July 2014

Gardening Guerrilla Game

Speed Gardening Guerrilla, an urban game designed by CogNovian Michael Straeubig, was invited to two international festivals, this summer, Playful Arts Festival in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) and Malta Festival Poznan (Poland). As both events took place on the same weekend, fellow Cognovian Frank Loesche agreed to run the game in ‘s-Hertogenbosch while Michael went on to Poznan. The game explores the notion of public and private space by committing playful acts of Guerrilla Gardening, i.e. gardening in urban environments. While the players are planting, they must try to observe each other and spot their opponents' plants in order to steal them. The game was originally developed for the 2012 Playpublik Festival in Berlin and is featured by the Goethe Institut SPIELTRIEB project; no plants were harmed in the playing of this game.

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