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Klara at IADMS2017

Posted on 14 October 2017

Klara presents three times at IADMS2017

Klara Łucznik is visiting the 27th Annual Conference of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS2017) in Houston, Texas, USA.
There she gives a talk titled 'Dancing In A Zone – A Multi-Method Research On The Role Of Flow Experience In Shared Creative Practice' which is based on her PhD project. Her results show a linkage between group flow in dance improvisation, the quality of a creative process, and creative outcomes judged by experts from the dance domain.
In addition to the talk she facilitates the creative movement session 'How do we do what we do? – Embodied studies on cognitive theories'. This session is a based on the 'Let’s Improv it' project she facilitated at last years Collaboratoire Summer School 2016. In this session Klara presents embodied cognition theories in a form that is accessible for dancers delivered through radio lectures. She argues that this might be a novel way of introducing the theoretical background into dance practice in educational settings.
Thirdly she also co-facilitated the session 'Collaborative research in dance science and creative practice' that presented a multi-modal imagery training programme for dancers as well as findings from three years of research. This research was conducted within the project 'In the dancer's mind' which applied the aforementioned programme into higher education within a dance context.