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Chun-Wei Hsu

Posted on 20 September 2016

Chun-Wei at secondment in Padua

CogNovo research fellow Chun-Wei Hsu has successfully collected functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) data supervised by Prof. Clara Casco during her secondment at Padua University, Italy.

This fMRI study is to investigate whether people are able to beat the Concealed Information Test (CIT) by using mental countermeasures and whether this ability is positively correlated with individual creativity. This is a within-subject design where participants completed three tasks in the MRI scanner. They performed (i) no knowledge (NK), (ii) concealed knowledge (CK), and (iii) countermeasure (CM) tasks in the same order. These three tasks only differ in their instructions. It is very interesting to see the difference in brain activities among these manipulations, even though participants had to perform the same tasks.
The data collection is completed and analysis is undergoing. We are expecting to see which brain areas play a critical role in successfully completing the CIT and assume these areas are correlated with creativity.
During Chun-Wei ’s secondment she exchanged some experience with the fMRI lab at Padua University, including task design, scanner room setting, and parameter setting.