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Raluca Briazu

Posted on 3 April 2016

Raluca is awarded PsyPag Study Visit Bursary

Cognovo research fellow Raluca Briazu has been awarded a bursary by the Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group (PsyPag). The bursary enables her visit to the Reasoning and Imagination lab within the School of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin. She is visiting the Lab in order to collaborate with Prof. Ruth Byrne and further her work on counterfactual thinking and deception.

As part of the award Raluca will also publish an article in the upcoming issue of the Quarterly, a journal edited by PsyPag. The article will be entitled "The Challenges and Joys of Interdisciplinary Research: Insights from a Psy-Art collaboration" and will detail Raluca’s experience of collaborating with fellow cognovians Kathyn Francis and Agi Haines on the "The affective embodiment of testing tools" project which was presented as part of OTLIP15 conference.