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Participants of the Kochi-Murzisi Biennale 2016 TransTechnology

Posted on 26 February 2017

Three CogNovo fellows at the Kochi-Murzisi Biennale 2016

CogNovo researchers Agi Haines, Jacqui Knight, and Eugenia Stamboliev attended and presented papers at the symposium Creative Encounters with Science and Technology. Legacies, Imaginaries and Futures.

The organisers Dr. Joanna Griffin and Dr. Muthatha Ramanathan aimed to "amplify transdisciplinary negotiations of art and science via tangible technologies and intangible infrastructures, through social domains. As a fresh wave of media ideologies enter India's state policy, such as in the form of the Smart Cities Mission, the symposium provides a timely pause for reflection on the roots, legacies and consequences of participatory technological infrastructures, in India as well as on the global stage."

This symposium was part of the Kochi-Murzisi Biennale 2016 in Kochi, India.
Agi Haines presented a paper entitled "Ideas Exchange in Simulating technological scenarios", Jacqui Knight "The Ecology of Photographic Practices Towards an Aesthetic of the Posthuman" and Eugenia Stamboliev "Performing Emotions: Humanoid robots beyond bad acting". These presentations delivered the core concerns of each fellows research projects on "Ideas exchange: Understanding The Human Object" (Agi Haines), "The Contact Sheet as a Viable Conduit to Cognition in Action" (Jacqui Knight), and "Imag(in)ing intimacy. On the visual and material representation of affection" (Eugenia Stamboliev).

This research and conference visit was generously funded by Transtechnology Research and the Postgraduate Research Fund in the School of Art, Design and Architecture (ADA) at Plymouth University.