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Guy Edmonds Creative Disturbances

Posted on 23 December 2015

Guy Edmonds on Creative Disturbances

Another CogNovian, Guy Edmonds, has now published a podcast with Roger Malina on Creative Disturbances. It has the title "The Divorce of Eye and Ear is an Accident of the History of Technology" and discusses the very early days of cinema.

Already in October four other CogNovo research fellows, Christopher Germann, Agi Haines, Diego S. Maranan, and Jack McKay Fletcher had the chance to talk about their research topics. Read more about that on the earlier news items.

Creative Disturbances is "an international, multi-lingual, online platform that provides a unique virtual environment for the intellectually curious across the globe to meet, network, collaborate, create, and socialize." Interdisciplinary in its approach, Creative Disturbances has a similar idea of linking thinkers from different communities, just as CogNovo does for scientists and artists from different domains. In both cases those unlikely connections emerge through communication and collaboration.
During one of his visits at CogNovo Roger Malina, who hosts the new Leonardo channel on Creative Disturbances, talked with some of us. Professional podcasts were created from those recordings and published recently. The descriptions for the podcasts are taken directly from the Creative Disturbances website.

Guy Edmonds

Guy Edmonds , a researcher in audiovisual history, discusses the very early days of cinema and his PhD work restaging some of the devices and performances. With Roger Malina he comments on the early days of the cell phone as a cinematic device and celebrate audivisual heritage day. He also discusses his interdisciplinary interactions wtih the 25 PhD students currently at the Cognovo program at the University of Plymouth.

Listen to Guy's podcast at Creative Disturbances.