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Raluca Briazu presents her work at iCog5

Posted on 12 March 2019

Raluca presents at ICog5

Cognovo Fellow Raluca Briazu presented her research on the role of counterfactual thinking in deception at the ICog 5 Conference. The conference, which centred on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Higher Cognitive Function took place at University of Reading and was organised by fellow Cognovian Kathryn Francis and postdoctoral research fellow Lily Fitzgibbon. ICog aims to establish a network for postgraduates and early-career researchers working in interdisciplinary cognitive science in order to promote dialogue and collaboration. The conference gathered early career researchers from psychology, philosophy, and computer science.

Raluca presented her PhD research that established a positive relationship between thinking about alternative possibilities to past events and lying. The presentation also highlighted future directions for research that Raluca is currently considering. Raluca is currently developing a programme of research that follow on from her PhD. This project will look at whether the relationship between counterfactuals and deception can help us understand more about how children develop the ability to lie.

Having completed a postdoctoral research role at the University of Warwick, Raluca is currently a Teaching Fellow at University of Reading. Starting in May, Raluca will embark on her second postdoctoral fellowship. The role at the University of Reading will involve working with academics and businesses to develop targeted advice and interventions that are tailored to consumers’ health goals, factoring in psychological, sensory and economic factors that influence behaviour. The project provides an opportunity for Raluca to apply her knowledge of counterfactual thinking to real-life problems.