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Posted on 23 October 2018

GCRF Rapid Response travel fund awarded

Three of Cognovo Fellows: Klara, Tara and Diego have been awarded £1500 from the Global Challenges Research Fund (Rapid Response) to travel to the Philippines.

Drawing on CogNovo and especially ColLaboratoire experience, in collaboration with the University of Philippines (Open University) we are aiming to establish an advanced research training programme for local and international post-graduate students and early-career researchers. The GCRF (Rapid Response) will support our first visit to the University of the Philippines Open University, to establish a wider network of local collaborators and plan the organisation of ColLaboratoire - the Phillippines ‘20. We strongly believe that the ColLaboratoire model of research could be successfully applied in the Philippines Open University environment, and moreover provide young researchers with practical skills for answering local and global challenges both in the Philippines and elsewhere.

This visit will coincide with a lecture to be presented by Prof Sue Denham ‘Research Conversations: Where do new ideas come from?’, and we will hold a networking meeting with researchers from the University and potential collaborators: Curiosity, WeDpro, and The Madre de Amor Hospital Foundation. Our aim in visiting the University of Philippines is to gather more information about local needs, challenges, and most importantly about the types of research projects that would be most beneficial locally. Our preliminary research has identified the following areas:

From these initial areas of interest we will identify the most useful for the local communities through conversations with local partners. These topics will be refined through conversations with local partners to tailor the themes to have most impact locally. Our collaborative aims support primarily the following UN Development goals: Quality Education, Partnership for Goals, Good health and well-being, and Climate action.

Call for projects to participate in the 2020 event will follow in due course.