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Agi Haines on stage at Primer 2017

Posted on 9 March 2017


Agi spoke at the first Primer conference, organised by a speculative design meet up in San Francisco. The conference invited a number of practitioners and speakers who offered different perspectives on speculative design methodology and insights from their work and experiences regarding the topic "Emergent Pathways".

"Emergent pathways form from present actions, decisions and imaginings to suggest a potential-but-not-yet realized path forward. They allow us to encounter a familiar landscape anew, sparking fresh ideas and imaginings for a better world. As vehicles for speculating about the future, they act as suggestive hints and weak signals that can point us in unexpected directions, help us make unusual connections and ultimately open whole new territories of creation." (from

The event, organised by Phil Balagtas and Matt Mayfield consisted of an evening of opening discussion, a conference day of talks and a workshop day promoting critical and speculative design thinking at a number of interesting locations in San Francisco. Agi's talk looked at how we simulate realities, specifically associated with the human body. For those interested in design thinking, Primer offers a great opportunity to discuss topics as well as issues within this field.