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Christos Melidis

Posted on 5 September 2016

Christos at IEEE RO-MAN 2016

CogNovo research fellow Christos Melidis, presented his most recent paper, titled "KURE: a Two-Way Adaptive System for Intuitive Robot Control" in the Workshop on Behavior Adaptation, Interaction and Learning for Assistive Robotics (BAILAR), a full-day workshop hosted at IEEE RO-MAN 2016, NYC, USA. KURE is one of the outcomes of his PhD project "A Framework for Intuitive Remote Robotic Control".

In this paper Christos Melidis and Davide Marocco present a novel approach to human-robot control. Instead of the user adapting to the interface and control paradigm, the system proposed allows the user to shape the control motifs in their way of preference, moving away from the case where the user has to read and understand an operation manual. Starting from a tabula rasa basis, the system is able to identify control patterns (behaviours) for the given robotic morphology and successfully merge them with control signals from the user, regardless of the input device used. The structural components of the interface are presented and assessed both individually and as a whole.