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A Space to Wonder

Posted on 9 December 2016

'A Space to Wonder' on tour

Klara Łucznik and Abigail Jackson will facilitate a workshop ‘A Space to Wonder’ as a part of Dance Fields Un-Symposium at Coventry University. Their work explores the ways of engaging with embodied enquiry with wider public, that not necessary has any experience with movement research practice.

In the proposed approach the participants are wearing breath sensors for the duration of the movement session, and sonification of the breathing patterns creates the sound landscape for the session, with the aim to bringing together physical and mental space. By creating such environment, whilst directing participants through improvisation scores, we allow them to move, explore and make contact with others, in the space, with the aim to create a collaborative environment. It gives an opportunity to experience both personal embodied knowledge as well as kinesthetic empathy in this group setting. The close of this workshop is planned to further discuss the uses of such an environment when working delivered as public engagement, to feedback on the experience, and begin a discussions about improvisation, touch, embodied knowledge, kinesthetic empathy, public engagement, and the use biosensors in Arts.

'A space to wonder' is a collaborative installation first launched at 'Off the Lip 2016' at Plymouth University, created by: Klara Łucznik, Abigail Jackson, Sue Denham, Frank Loesche, Eugenia Stamboliev and Ali Northcott.