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Kling Klang Klong Michael Straeubig

Posted on 23 October 2014

Kling Klang Klong In Krakow

Michael Straeubig’s playful locative audio experience "Kling Klang Klong" has been play-tested and showcased at the Playpublik camp and festival from Sept, 29 to October 5 in Krakow, Poland.

In "Kling Klang Klong”, participants are invited to move through the city, acting as virtual audio sources. Through their movements, a city-wide instrument emerges, generating a score that can be harmonic, experimental or noisy. The participants of Kling Klang Klong are audience and creators, listeners and musicians at the same time.

Playpublik Krakow is an international festival for playful public spaces, initiated by Goethe-Institut Krakow as part of the project SPIELTRIEB! and curated by Invisible Playground, featuring the work of more than 50 artists & designers from 15 countries.