The Risky Side of Creativity

Investigate the role of risky decision making in creativity.


  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Neuroimaging
  • Social and political psychology

Creativity has been defined as a process of generating ideas or products which are novel and appropriate. Often to cross the boundaries of novelty, creative individuals are required to take risks. This project aimed to invstigate the role of risk taking in creative individuals.

Behavioural testing procedures and eye tracking was used to investigate the association between risk taking and creativity in participants based in the UK and USA.


Prof. Mark Runco, Torrance center for creativity and talent development, College of Education, University of Georgia, Athens, United States of America (2 months)

Photo credit: Dylan Watts and Paxson Woelber
Research Fellow
Vaibhav Tyagi

Sue Denham, Stephen D Hall, Thomas Wennekers, Giorgio Ganis (Plymouth University); Mark A. Runco (University of Georgia)


Yaniv Hanoch (Plymouth University), Frank Loesche (Plymouth University)

Further Reading

Tyagi, V., Hanoch, Y., Hall, S. D., Runco, M., & Denham, S. L. (2017). The risky side of creativity: domain specific risk taking in creative individuals. Frontiers in psychology 8.