Jacqueline Knight

Project: The Contact Sheet as a Viable Conduit to Cognition in Action

This study will use contact sheets or proof sheets from both 35mm and medium format SLR film photography as evidence of a number of cognitive processes in particular some aspects of decision making and shared theories of mind and a thinking in action in a dynamic world.

Research Interests

As a practicing artist and doctoral researcher I'm interested in the simultaneity of experiences as a ‘generative moment’ that result in the emergence of artistic forms. My research aims to provide a way of reading these artefacts or images in order to understand some of the processes of cognition and show how it can only exist in creative collaboration with a dynamic world. It uses artistic practice, specifically analogue photography and film, as a tool to understand the conditions of these generative processes and their affective implications. Through discussing the photograph and the history of photography in a very different way, I hope to make an intervention into discussions which think about where consciousness resides.

Other Related Practice

In 2012 I co-founded CineStar, a film cooperative based in Cornwall, dedicated to supporting creative work with analogue film through experimental workshops, screening events and education in order to support artists, professionals and anyone interested in the continuation of making analogue film in an increasingly challenging environment. Through Cinestar I have curated a number of analogue film programmes, screenings and exhibitions and delivered camera-less filmmaking workshops. As an artist I have exhibited and co-curated numerous group exhibitions throughout the UK and had a solo show at Nancy Victor Gallery, London (2004). Many of these curatorial projects and artworks have been published in numerous specialist art journals. I am also a contributing researcher with Transtechnology Research at Plymouth University and since 2004 I have been lecturing in fine art and design subjects across various institutions in the South West of England.

Extended CV can be found here.