Klara Łucznik

Klara Łucznik

E: klara.lucznik (@)plymouth.ac.uk

T: 01752 600 600

A: Link 3, Plymouth University, Drake Circus, Plymouth PL4 8AA

Project: Shared creativity in dance

My research interest is in the collaborative, distributed processes of creating novelty. In particular I am interested in co-agency of such processes, arguing that we are supposed to think about creating novelty in a context of interaction with each other and the environment around us. I focus on dance improvisation as a collaborative practice that provides a unique opportunity to understand how people collaborate while creating and to observe how new ideas appear from interaction with others’ bodies and the environment rather than from the creator mind. I use improvisational dance scores as a laboratory for group creativity research, focusing on the role of sense awareness, multimodal imagery and flow experience in practice.

As a practitioner I find that my current research shapes my dance practice and allows for new perspectives not only on improvisation but also on creativity and performativity in general. . Simultaneously, my dance experience is a vivid source of new research ideas and shapes my research practice. In particular I aim to design my experimental studies in a way that will be ecologically valid for a discipline by designing them in similar way to dance improvisation workshops.


Research Experience

Previously, I have worked as a research assistant at the Center for Complex System and New Technologies (Institute of Social Science, University of Warsaw). I was a part of prestigious European and National programmes which scoped social behaviours as dynamic complex systems and investigated attitudes and behaviour change (ICTeCollectiveOCOPOMO) and collaborative practices (Qlectives). In that project I combined qualitative and quantitative methods of research, extensively using dynamic models of behavioural change and social network paradigm.

Technical skills

I am trained in modern and contemporary dance techniques (teacher since 2008), in recent years I am mostly driven by improvisation and dance theatre practices.

As a psychologist I have experience with psychometrics and network analysis. I also lead psychological skills workshops, mostly focusing on mental training for sport and dance, and the use of interactive body based practices in working with clients and groups in psychological consulting.

Workshops / Talks /  Projects


‘Creative group dynamics.’ K. Łucznik, M. Biesaga. Mindfield, School of Psychology Conference (12-13 June, 2014) 

‘Between Minds and Bodies.’ K. Łucznik. ZIF Dance Engaging Science, Bielefeld, Germany. 23–25 April 2015

‘The role of embeddedness – modeling social factors influencing technology transfer.’ Wojciech Borkowski, Magda Jagielska, Marta Kacprzyk, Krzysztof Lipiec, Klara

Łucznik, Magda Roszczyoska-Kurasioska, Agnieszka Rychwalska, Andrzej Nowak. European Conference on Complex Systems at Universite Libre de Bruxell 09.2012

Conference paper:

‘Shared Creativity in Dance.’ K. Łucznik A laboratory of spring. Avant Symposium, Toruń, Poland. 27-28.09.2014  (to be published at Avant).

Roles in CogNovo

Representative of Marie-Curie Fellows, taiko drummer


I hold Master degree in Psychology (2009, University of Warsaw) and MFA in Choreography and Dance Theory (2015, The F. Chopin University of Music). I also studied physics as a part of the College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Mathematical and Natural Sciences (University of Warsaw). I continuously develop my dance practice by taking part in professional dance workshops (Vienna ImplusDanz Festival, Gaga Movement, New Dance Lab, Somatic practices).