Francois Lemarchand

Francois Lemarchand

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A: Link 3, Plymouth University, Drake Circus, Plymouth PL4 8AA

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Coming from a computer and cognitive science background, my research interest has drifted towards neuroaesthetics. My goal is to improve our understanding of what is seen as beautiful to the human visual system. Considering beauty as a physiological reaction triggered by aesthetically pleasant visual information, I hope to define factors which could allow to predict aesthetic pleasantness for a given population. 

I consider my work as highly inter-disciplinary, as I take into consideration results from neuroscience, psychophysics, computer vision and also expertise in visual arts.

Research Experience

I have worked on research projects on linguistics, gestural behavior and the different effects of multilingualism. The previous experiments also had for purpose to use novel ways to measure gesture using a Microsoft Kinect camera, in order to remove the white room effect.

Technical Skills

Due to my studies and my experience as a software developer, I have used many programming languages such as Python, Javascript, Java and C. While my previous works have mainly been on back-end applications, I have also designed websites, graphical interfaces and contributed to web applications allowing to visualise and manage data.

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I completed an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Université du Havre, France before pursuing my studies in Software Development at IT Carlow, Ireland. The latter gave me an insight into Artificial Intelligence which led me to a Master’s degree in Cognitive Science at University College Dublin, Ireland.