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28 April - 2 May, 2014

Research Methods Workshop

CogNovo's first big event! A meeting for all partners and research fellows; generic research skills, multi-disciplinary research perspectives, publishing and collaboration.

For videos of each talk, please follow the links below.




Evening events

Mon 28 April

Introduction to Research Methods: Communicating

Information gathering 

Part I: Martin Coath, Mona Nasser,

Part II: Mike Philips of I-DAT


(How to) Talk the Talk , Tim Perfect

You can't stop communicating. How design thinking can help you put your foot in it, Matt Wade of Kin Design.

Individual project meetings


Tues 29 April

Introduction to Research Methods: Analysing

Matlab programming (Martin Coath)

Are you being framed? Creative statistics (Chris Harris)

Looking On: Interpreting evidence from photographs (Michael Punt)

Individual project meetings 

CogJam: Experimental film and music

Voodoo Lounge from 19:30

All welcome


Weds 30 April

What is it like to be a bat?

Research perspectives, motivations, questions and important problems from the perspectives of our international partners and component disciplines

Individual project meetings

Launch reception

Thurs 1 May

Symposium: Collaboration and the spread of influence

James LeachWhat is ‘thinking with the body’? An ethnography of demonstrating artistic knowledge.

Roger MalinaEnabling Art-Science Collaboration: A Case Study in Brain Data Dramatisation

Peter Taylor: Large-scale brain modelling

Thilo Goss: Criticality and Information Processing and Leadership

CogTalk: Living Machines! Building robots to be like us

Prof Tony Prescott and Prof Florentin Wörgötter

Fri 2 May

Symposium: Back to the future in publishing: communicating new ideas and discoveries

Roger Malina, Michael Punt, Martha Blassnigg (Leonardo, MIT Press), Jeroen Sondervan (Amsterdam Univ. Press), Nicola Cockarill (Plymouth Uni Library)



Participants: All

Disciplines: All