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27 April - 1 May 2015

Project Proposal and Entrepreneurship Workshop

Entrepreneurship tutorials with University Research and Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Legal specialists and FRONTIER IP on:

  1. identifying the potential for exploitation of novel research ideas,
  2. finding and securing sources of funding,
  3. protecting Intellectual Property, patenting and licensing.

In the two days before the entrepreneurship part, Research Fellows will present their project proposals, address feedback on methodological and theoretical issues and discuss the potential impact of their research and possibilities for exploitation. This workshop will provide early screening for commercialisable ideas and allow IP protection mechanisms to be put in place if necessary. Practical work will include creative problem solving and brainstorming to find innovative solutions for problems posed by local businesses.

Day 1: Project proposals, ideas and implications (Group 1)

Time Title, Supervisors, and expert commentator Speaker
10:00 Individual differences in visual and auditory bistability
Marina Wimmer, Sue Denham, Michaela Gummerum
Mihaela Taranu
10:20 Bodyshaping the mind
Jane Grant, John Matthias, Sue Denham, Mike Phillips, Adam Benjamin
Diego Maranan
10:40 Emergent behaviour in participative mixed reality gaming
John Matthias, Jane Grant, James Brocklehurst, Mike Phillips, Anya Lewin
Michael Straeubig
11:00 Coffee
11:20 Creative Technologies for Behaviour Change
Jackie Andrade, Tony Belpaeme, Alyson Norman
Joana Galvao Gomes da Silva
11:40 Between Minds and Bodies - a study into collaborative creativity in contemporary dance
Jon May, John Matthias, Emma Redding, Adam Benjamin, Michaela Gummerum
Klara Lucznik
12:00 Flowing in creativity together: A study of flow, motivation and empathy in art performance groups
Michaela Gummerum, Jane Grant, John Matthias, Adam Benjamin
Pinar Oztop
12:20 Moral cognition: An interdisciplinary investigation of judgment versus action
Sylvia Terbeck, Giorgio Ganis, Michaela Gummerum, Ian Howard, Natalie Wyer
Kathryn Francis
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Predicting creativity from spatial ability & personality
Haline Schendan, Rupert Noad, Patric Bach
David Bridges
14:20 Creative cognition and Deceptive Communication
Giorgio Ganis, Haline Schendan, Natalie Wyer
Chun-Wei Hsu
14:40 A lattice theoretical interpretation of schemata and applications
Thomas Wennekers, John Matthias, Sue Denham, Roman Borisyuk
Jack McKay Fletcher
15:00 Creative processes in a bio-inspired model of the brain
Roman Borisyuk, Haline Schendan, Giorgio Ganis, Thomas Wennekers
Francois Lemarchand
15:20 Coffee
15:40 Neurally inspired algorithms of human cognition
Thomas Wennekers, Haline Schendan, Giorgio Ganis, Roman Borisyuk
Ivana Kajic
16:00 Unconscious creativity: The Eureka moment
Guido Bugman, Jeremy Goslin, Katharine Willis, John Matthias
Frank Loesche
16:20 The role of counterfactual thinking in deception
Clare Walsh, Catherine Deeprose, Giorgio Ganis, Simon Handley, Matt Roser
Raluca Briazu

Day 2: Project proposals, ideas and implications (Group 2)

Time Title, Supervisors, and expert commentator Speaker
10:00 Intuitive interfaces for robotics remote control
Davide Marocco, Jeremy Goslin, Mike Philips, Angelo Cangelosi
Christos Melidis
10:20 Creating a voice for engagement and trust
Jeremy Goslin, Laurence White, Caroline Floccia, Angelo Cangelosi, Sue Denham
Ilaria Torre
10:40 Links between Associative Learning and Creativity
Peter Jones, Christopher Mitchell, Martha Blassnigg, Patric Bach
Tara Zaksaite
11:00 Creative solutions in alarm design
Judy Edworthy, Sue Denham, Elif Ozcan, Laurence White
Michael Kristensen
11:20 Chair of Governors Visiting
12:40 Irrationality and decision making
Chris Harris, Yaniv Hanoch, Sue Denham
Christopher Germann
13:00 Lunch
14:20 Mental imagery and creative thinking, a neuroscience perspective
Sue Denham, Stephen Hall, Thomas Wennekers, Giorgio Ganis, Patric Bach
Vaibhav Tyagi
14:40 Understanding the decisive moment: a unified experience of simultaneity
Martha Blassnigg, Michael Punt, Sue Denham, David Chandler, Simon Standing
Jacqueline Knight
15:00 From curiosity to creativity in the development of cognitive robots
Tony Belpaeme, Angelo Cangelosi, Guido Bugman
Thomas R. Colin
15:20 Coffee
16:00 Early Cinema and Cognitive Creativity
Michael Punt, Martha Blassnigg, William Simpson, Stephen Thompson
Guy Edmonds
16:20 Ideas exchange: Understanding the human object
Michael Punt, Mona Nasser, Stephen Thompson
Agatha Haines
16:40 Intimacy Issues. Towards a Media Archeology of Intimacy
Hannah Drayson, Michael Punt, Martha Blassnigg, Jeremy Goslin, Mona Nasser
Eugenia Stamboliev

Day 3: Creative Problem solving

Time Topic Presenters
09:30 Tea & Coffee
10:00 Introduction: Envisioning your ideas: Problem pitches from 2 local businesses: Real Visual, Sponge UK Paul Tiltman (R&I)
10:10 Businesses present pitches to individual student groups (students in 2 groups of 5-6, per business problem) Businesses
10:45 Students work in teams to explore chosen problem, find innovative solutions, explore potential workability and prepare a concept pitch for afternoon feedback sessions (with support from business and UoP mentors) Gideon Maas (Futures Centre), Paul Tiltman, Ian McFadzen, David Mozley (R&I) and Businesses
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Student groups review concept pitches with UoP mentors plus business representatives – receiving specific feedback and input from mentors and businesses (15 mins max per pitch). UoP mentors
14:30 Student groups finesse concept pitches (with support from UoP mentors and businesses) UoP mentors
16:00 Opportunity for Businesses to receive verbal feedback/concept pitch from Students in open forum (alternatively, businesses may receive written feedback on concepts if unable to attend in the afternoon session) UoP mentors and Businesses

Day 4: Entrepreneurial basics

Time Topic Presenters
09:45 Welcome and Overview (inc principal concerns & general issues raised previously by the student cohort) Paul Tiltman (R&I)
10:00 – 11:00 Protecting, Managing and exploiting your IPR: Innovation as a process (inc process steps, confidentiality; protection (registered & unregistered), Due Diligence, Term sheets; Starting up your own business Paul Tiltman, David Mozley (R&I), and Rehman Noormohamed (Michelmores), Melissa Rose (Legal Services)
12:00 Finding and securing sources of funding Neil Crabb (Frontier IP Group)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Protecting, Managing and exploiting your IPR: What is IP?, Definitions; Freedom to operate; different forms of IP; How to get protection; topical examples of cases including video games and apps, Ownership, Review of principal concerns & general issues raised previously by the student cohort Paul Tiltman, David Mozley (R&I) and Rehman Noormohamed (Michelmores LLP)
16:00 Me, the Entrepreneur Gideon Maas (Futures Centre)
18:00 CogFilm: Kind Hearts and Coronets Michael Punt

Day 5: Entrepreneurship: Viability and Sustainability

Time Topic Presenters
09:30 Tea & Coffee
10:00 Academic entrepreneurship – building networks Sue Denham, Martha Blassnigg
11:00 An open day for students to choose between: Expansion and exploration of impactful/exploitative ideas emerging from days 1 & 2; Further development of the innovative concept pitches developed on day 3 UoP Entrepreneurship team, Business representatives, Dissemination Group
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Open Work (Continued)
16:00 Wrap-up: Presentations and discussions All