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20 June 2014

Prezi Workshop

13.00 Link 3 Seminar Space, Plymouth University

Sergiu Filiuta, from Exeter University,  will be running this workshop which will tackle the following items.

Basic topics including:

    • What is Prezi?
    • Getting started with Prezi
    • Add text
    • Choose style
    • Create lines and frames
    • Add images
    • Use of video in Prezi
    • Make a path in your prezi
    • Download Prezi.

Moving on to more advanced topic such as:

    • 3D backgrounds
    • Create gradients in the background
    • The difference between vectors and pixels
    • How do create infographics in Prezi (this topic will be covered quite simplistically as it required knowledge in different design imagine software) 
    • Fade-in animations
    • Adjust Frame thickness
    • Images in Prezi
    • The use of sound/voice over
    • Prezi embed in a website
    • Plus others

And finally:

    • Better structuring in Prezi
    • Better building your prezi
    • Thinking of a good strategy
    • Creating a clear overview
    • How do you get creative?
    • How do you tell your story?
    • Surprise effects

The workshop will last 3 hours and you will need your own laptop