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Linked up is a collaboration between CogNovo, TransTech, ICCMR, and CRNS #

Cognition Institute Research Seminars in Link

Link 3 Seminar Space

The Cognition Institute is pleased to announce that many of the external seminars hosted by research groups within the institute will now be taking place in a single venue – the workshop space in Link 3. The space will host weekly and monthly seminars by Transtechnology, School of Psychology, CRNS and CogNovo amongst others.

Dates and times for the confirmed talks are below:

Date and time (location) Speaker and talk title Talk series
22/10/2014 Lee Hogarth (University of Exeter) - Learning mechanisms underpinning human drug dependence Psychology
22/10/2014 The Hypnotic Image: between named emotion and affect TransTechnology
23/10/2014 Yukie Nagai (Osaka University) - Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction CRNS
24/10/2014 Anna Esposito (IIASS, Naples) - Socially believable behaving systems: Needs and challenges in processing social information CRNS
29/10/2014 Jenny Thomson (University of Sheffield) - The digitization of reading development: affordances and challenges. Psychology
30/10/2014 Duncan Williams (Plymouth University) - Biomedical Applications of Audio Technology ICCMR
03/11/2014 David Shanks (University College London) - Null Hypothesis Significance Testing, False Negatives, and the Illusion of Unconscious Learning CogNovo
05/11/2014 Juliane Kaminski, (University of Portsmouth) - Do dogs get the point? Dogs' understanding of human communication Psychology
12/11/2014 Ray Norbury (University of Roehampton) Psychology
14/11/2014 Claudia Clopath (Imperial College London) - Synaptic plasticity and its functional implications CRNS
17/11/2014 Stefano Nolfi (Institute of Cognitive Science and Technologies, Rome) CogNovo
19/11/2014 Bob Johnston (University of Kent) Psychology
19/11/2014 Edenic Technologies: Machines of innocence and oblivion TransTechnology
26/11/2014 Psychology
27/11/2014 Aurelien Antoine (Plymouth University) - Computer-Aided Musical Composition ICCMR
01/12/2014 Mark Runco (University of Georgia, USA) - Testing Theories of Creative Cognition with New Assessments 01/12/2014
03/12/2014 Harriet Over (University of York) - The origins of belonging: social motivation in young children Psychology
05/12/2014 Shadowhand Robotics - The development of the shadowhand CRNS
08/12/2014 Patrick Tresset (University of London) - Artistically Skilled Embodied Agents CogNovo
10/12/2014 Bas Verplanken (University of Bath) Psychology
12/12/2014 Anil Bharath (Imperial College London) - Image analysis and signal processing CRNS
17/12/2014 Instrumental Recirculation: Simulating health – the very idea! TransTechnology
09/01/2015 Adam Ponzi (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan) - Edge of Chaos in the Striatum and Temporal Expectation CRNS
14/01/2015 Rogier Kievit (University of Cambridge) - The Frontal Lobe Hypothesis Revisited: A Psychometric Approach to Neurocognitive Ageing Psychology
15/01/2015 Alexis Kirke (Plymouth University) - Music as Computational Media ICCMR
19/01/2015 Patrick Tresset (University of London) - Artistically Skilled Embodied Agents CogNovo
21/01/2015 Technophillia: Technologies for the Corrupted Body TransTechnology
21/01/2015 Gregor Hasler (University of Zurich) - Social Neuroscience and Psychiatry Psychology
28/01/2015 LINK 107 Patti Adank (UCL) - Cognitive Neuroscience (Language) Psychology
02/02/2015 Mark Sprevak (University of Edinburgh) - Predictive coding CogNovo
04/02/2015 Martin Yeomans (University of Sussex) Psychology
11/02/2015 Edward Braund (Plymouth University) - Bio-computer Music ICCMR
11/02/2015 Alexandra Freund (University of Zurich) Psychology
18/02/2015 The Opaque Lens: Affect and Subversion in Media Practices TransTechnology
18/02/2015 Anthony McGregor (University of Durham) Psychology
25/02/2015 Phil Higham (University of Southampton) Psychology
02/03/2015 Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen) - Personal knowledge: embodied, extended or animate? CogNovo
04/03/2015 Wouter Poortinga (University of Cardiff) Psychology
09/03/2015 Takashi Ikegami (University of Tokyo) CogNovo
11/03/2015 Brad Love (UCL) Psychology
12/03/2015 Nuria Bonet Filella (Plymouth University) - Sonification of Dark Matter ICCMR
18/03/2015 Acetic Image: Technologies of Disavowal TransTechnology
18/03/2015 Matt Davis (University of Cambridge) Psychology
25/03/2015 Doug Martin (University of Aberdeen) Psychology
26/03/2015 Jared Drayton (Plymouth University) - Articulatory Vocal Synthesis with Genetic Algorithms ICCMR
01/04/2015 Duncan Williams (Plymouth University) - Biomedical Applications of Audio Technology ICCMR
03/04/2015 Anil Seth CRNS
22/04/2015 Facts, Concerns and Topics: Transdisciplinarity and the provisional ‘Real’ TransTechnology
20/05/2015 "Drawing Things Together” (Latour) TransTechnology
08/06/2015 Paul Thagard (University of Waterloo, Canada) CogNovo
15/06/2015 Keith Sawyer (University of North Carolina) CogNovo

Participating Research Groups

For more up-to-date information and titles/abstracts please visit the relevant research group websites:





Linked up is a collaboration between CogNovo, TransTech, ICCMR, and CRNS