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Off the Lip 2018

Posted on 23 February 2018

Call for Participation

Crossing the void: Exploring interdisciplinary impact

Symposium on 19/6/2018 and Grant-Writing Training and Writeshop on 20 and 21/06/2018 in Plymouth

The worldwide emergence of increasingly complex challenges requires creative solutions that draw on multiple disciplines. This includes interactions with technology, the perceptually accessible world, and collective versus individual knowledge and processes. The Off The Lip 2018 event will draw on experiences and outcomes from multiple disciplinary initiatives, to explore the value and impact of innovative and interdisciplinary collaborations. This event, comprising a symposium embedded in the Cognition Institute conference at Plymouth University (UK) and a subsequent two-day workshop, will promote the growth and development of individual projects, innovative collaborations, and the wider interdisciplinary community.

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