Value judgments and creative thinking

Investigate the role of value based decision making in creative cognition.


  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Neuroimaging
  • Neuromodulation

Creativity has been defined as a process of generating ideas or products which are both novel and useful. Usefulness draws upon value, what is useful is valuable and vice versa. This project aims to invstigate the role of value based judgments in the creative process.

Neuroimaging and neuromodulation will be used to investigate how the human brain assigns values to creative ideas. This will allow us to understand the role of cognitive processes involved in value based decision making which may also influence creative thinking.


University of Georgia, United States of America (2 months: New measures of creative thinking) || Radboud University, The Netherlands (2 months: Value based judgments and creative idea generation) || Guger Technologies, Austria (2 months: Brain imaging technologies)


Research Fellow
Vaibhav Tyagi

Sue Denham, Stephen D Hall, Thomas Wennekers, Giorgio Ganis (Plymouth University); Mark A. Runco (University of Georgia); Christoph Hintermüller (Guger Technologies)


Simone Ritter (Radboud University)