CogNovo Events

Off the Lip

Off the Lip 2017

16..18 August 2017

CogNovo Colloquium on Experiences and Applications of Cognitive Innovation — with keynote speaker Joel Pearson. (more)

All LINKed UP! Cognition Institute RESEARCH SEMINARS

Various times

Link 3 will host weekly and monthly seminars by Transtechnology, School of Psychology, CRNS and CogNovo amongst others. (more)


WHAT's UP series - get in contact if you want to present

Our series of specialist, ad-hoc workshops and courses, organised by the CogNovo Research Fellows and Partners. (more)

CogNovo Research Seminar Series

CogNovo Research Seminars


Our seminar series ended, but we managed to invite 29 world class speakers to Plymouth to give us insights into their research. (more)


CogNovo Summer School 15-20 August 2016

The CogNovo research fellows organise an project based summer school focusing on collaborative interdisciplinarity.

Improvisation workshop


A small workshop on improvisation by Adam Benjamin (more...)

Induction Week

7 April - 10 April, 2014

CogNovo's induction week, a chance to meet fellow CogNovians, take a tour of Plymouth and it's surrounds and fit a bit of speed dating! 

Research methods

28 April - 2 May, 2014

CogNovo's 1st week-long workshop

Experimental Methods Workshop

23-27 June 2014

A series of tutorials covering the skills needed to design and carry out experiments.

Computational Modeling Workshop

22-26 September 2014

Lectures and practical tutorials on programming, neuro-comptational modelling, neuro-morphic and bio-inspired hardware and robotics.

Public Outreach and Social Innovation Workshop

26-30 January 2015

A series of practical tutorials focused on science communication and multimedia production, applied to problems in social innovation and behaviour change.

Entrepreneurship Workshop

27 April - 1 May 2015

A series of tutorials on generic entrepreneurship skills, with practical application in assessing the potential impact and possibilities for exploitation of research ideas.

Prezi Workshop

20 June 2014

If you want to escape the straightjacket of Powerpoint, then today’s workshop may be for you! Prezi is a new non-linear presentation system that offers a lot of interesting features and flexibility.


R Workshop

7, 14, 21 May 2015

Everyone, not just statisticians, should know about probability because probability is the only satisfactory way to reason in an uncertain world.

Off the Lip

Off the Lip

International Conference from 7-11 September 2015

This conference aims at exploring Transdisciplinary Approaches to Cognitive Innovation with our plenary speakers: Amy Ione, Diatrope Institute, USA; Roger Malina, University of Texas, USA; Sundar Sarukkai, Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, India. (more)

Workshop "Personal Profiles"

19 January 2016

Malcolm Love will give a workshop on how to create a personal communication profile for scientists (more...)

Workshop "Scientific Mythologies"

25-29 January 2016

This workshop will explore the creation of stories and mythologies within the personal and collective imagination and their translation through collaborative artistic practice into short film works. (more...)

The Neural Basis for Creativity

25-29 April 2016

A symposium on the neural basis for creativity with contributions from leaders of the field.

True Alarms: From diagnosis to design

11 October 2016

A short symposium on alarms for the occasion of Joseph J. Schlesingers visiting talk in the CogNovo research seminar.

Off the Lip 2016

20..22 October 2016

CogNovo organises another Off the Lip, this year as a public engagement event consisting of two evenings packed with workshops (Manufactory) and one day of idea exchange (Bizarre Bazaar).

Symposium on Group Creativity and Education

26 January 2017

A symposium with invited speakers as well as CogNovo research fellows presenting their work (more)