CogNovo films and videos

Introduction to CogNovo

Video produced by 3Deep Media, introducing the CogNovo project

Meet the candidates

Meet the candidates who applied for a place on the Cognovo PHD project based at Plymouth University.

Workshop 1 and Project Launch

Meet the CogNovo Research Fellows at their first workshop

Meet some of our Cognovo Research fellows

Agatha Haines, Mihaela Țăranu, and Vaibhav Tyagi discuss their research

MORE Cognovo Research fellows After Workshop 3

Diego S. Maranan, Michael Straeubig and Thomas R. Colin discuss their research and ideas

Radio CogNovia

At the end of CogNovo's "Public Outreach and Social Innovation Workshop", conducted by Malcom Love and Emily Grossman, we presented a show at Plymouth's Rumpus Cosy which was aired live at a local FM radio station as well as a internet radio stream.

OTLip15 - Workshop and Conference

"Off the Lip 2015", combination of workshop and conference held at Plymouth University from 7 to 11 September 2015, was subtitled "Transdisciplinary Approaches to Cognitive Innovation".

Scientific Mythologies

This CogNovo workshop explored the creation of stories and mythologies within the personal and collective imagination and their translation through collaborative artistic practice into short film works.

The Neural Basis for Creativity

During the final CogNovo workshop speakers like John-Dylan Haynes, Paul Thagard, Rodrigo Quiroga, Arthur I. Miller, Annie Cattrell, Anna Abrahams, Nicola Clayton, Clive Wilkins, Margaret A. Boden, Rex Jung, and John Kounios presented their work and led interactive discussions.

ColLaboratoire - CogNovo Summer School

During the week from 15 to 20 August 2016, the CogNovo headquarter at Plymouth University was buzzing with unusual visitors: we sent out a call for a summer school "ColLaboratoire" on social creativity and collaboration, and a number of absolutely fantastic participants came to work with us.

Off the Lip 2016

From 20 to 22 October 2016 we ran a public engagement event titled "Off the Lip 2016" with two evenings packed with more than ten workshops and a full day of "Bizarre Bazaar". During the Bazaar more than 25 researchers and artists, CogNovians and colleagues, presented their work.

produced by Pulse Studio